Peter Bhandar

Account Executive
Lumber Buyer 50%
50% Lumber Buyer
Selling Lumber 50%
50% Selling Lumber
Truck Dispatch 50%
50% Truck Dispatch

Peter Bhandar was Jhajj Lumber’s first official employee, and is today its longest-serving sales manager. Trained as a welder and millwright, the Victoria, B.C.-native worked up in northern B.C. before settling in the Lower Mainland. Here, he leveraged his extensive understanding of lumber mills into a successful career in the lumber trade, before joining Jhajj. He prides himself on being just a phone call away for his clients, racking up 10,000 minutes a month on his cellphone. His specialty is selling bedframe and pallet stock in Canada and internationally, with a particular focus on California. When not working, Peter loves to dance to the local R&B music scene. He has two adult children, a daughter, Jasmine, as well as a son, Jay, who now works alongside him at Jhajj Lumber.

Email Peter or call him at (604) 592-4475

“If you phone me, I’ll pick up and give you a quote right when you call. If I don’t pick up my phone, I’ll contact you back in five minutes.”