Parm Jhajj

President 100%
100% President
Lumber Buyer 80%
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Lumber Sales 60%
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Heading up Jhajj Lumber is founder Parm Jhajj. Surrey, B.C.-raised Parm graduated from BCIT in electrical engineering. After a long road of character building and experiences, he fell into a job at Westex Timber Mills, and was taken under the owners’ wing, learning quickly under the mentorship of Mohinder and Baljit Sull. He moved on to work with North American Hardwoods, further refining his expertise under the kind care of Bob and Eva Wilson. Parm was then presented with an opportunity to go out on his own. With the support of his wife, Kulwant, and their three children, Parm worked from a small office in their home, building the company from the ground up. For Parm, the bottom line is running his business with integrity and leading his team by example. That philosophy also extends into community giving; he started the charitable Jhajj Foundation in 2006 and, an avid golfer himself, he launched the Jhajj Lumber Charity Golf Tournament in 2016.

Email Parm or call him at (604) 592-4475

“The first customer I had when I first got into the business is still a customer. Many more have joined and stayed, too. That says a lot about the people we do business with, and says something about us as well.”