Kalwant Jhajj

Co-owner and Office Manager
Book Keeping 90%
90% Book Keeping
Secretary 75 %
75 % Secretary
Office 25%
25% Office

Kulwant Jhajj is truly the heart of Jhajj Lumber. Not only does she manage all the accounts going in and out of the business every day, she keeps the office, and everyone in it, organized. Born in India, Kulwant was raised in England and came to Canada after marrying Parm. She studied office administration and is the mother to three children — Raymond, Selena and Hansi. When Parm came to her with the idea to start Jhajj Lumber, she was 100 per cent behind him, helping him to build the business with her meticulous attention to detail. She has also been instrumental in the development of the Jhajj Foundation, which supports local addiction recovery and homelessness charities.

Email Kulwant or call her at (604) 592-4475

“Things have been so good for us that we want to give back. We want to try and help others as much as we can.”